TriCal Grape Field Trial (Modesto, CA): Documented Importance of Soil Fumigation

Deep Roots Blog Post

In the Fall of 2019, Dr. Kristi Sanchez began a Grape Field Trial in Modesto, CA, investigating soil fumigation methods and their impact on vineyard performance. The trial focused on assessing the benefits of TriClor (Chloropicrin) adoption in vineyards alongside the performance of TELONE™ II.

The soil fumigation treatment included TriClor at varying rates (200lbs/ac, 175lbs/ac, 150lbs/ac) and TELONE™ II at 33.5 GPA. Over the course of the three-year trial, soil sampling was conducted regularly to analyze nematode pest identity, pressure, and distribution within the treatment area.

Results from the trial demonstrated that both TriClor at 200lbs per acre and TELONE™ II treatments consistently showed significant reductions in total plant parasitic nematode (PPN) density compared to untreated controls. Additionally, these treatments exhibited a notable increase in tree growth ranging from 33% to 39% compared to the untreated control.

Overall, soil fumigation proved to be highly beneficial for newly planted vines, particularly under replant conditions, by fostering the development of uniform vines with robust vigor.

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