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Prunus Replant Disorder occurs from planting perennial crops into soils where a complex of nematodes and soil-borne diseases are present. Orchards suffering from PRD show poor, non-uniform growth and low vigor, often for the entire life of the crop. As root and vegetative growth suffers, so do yields. TriClor is a pre-plant soil fumigant and the foundation for a successful pest management system.
TriClor Manages a Broad Spectrum of Soil-Borne Disease:

  • Prunus Replant Disorder
  • Nematodes
  • Phytophthora
  • Root Rot

Healthy Fields.
Healthy Yields.


The health of your soil is one of the most influential impacts on early tree growth and harvest yields.


Unlike annual crop growers who have a chance every year to evaluate their soil health, orchard growers get one shot. TriClor can be used as a standalone or dual applied with Telone® depending on your orchard redevelopment needs. This reduces application costs while promoting early root development and improving soil health.