TriCal Almond Replant Research: The importance of fumigation for growers

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In California, nematodes can significantly impact crop production. They cause considerable damage to plant roots, disrupting the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in reduced crop yield. For pre-treatment control, especially with regards to almond replants, soil fumigation is a vital management tool for growers. The objective is to reduce nematode populations below a threshold to avoid serious crop damage. Mitigating the damage caused by these pests ensures a strong start to the seedlings or dormant propagative material. Pre-treatment fumigation with TriClor and/or Telone offers crop protection, rapid seedling establishment, earlier and larger yields, promotes soil health, and most importantly increases orchard longevity. Fumigation promotes healthy soil for the grower’s long-term investment.

  • Prunus Replant Disorder (PRD) affects roughly 60% of prunus-to-prunus plantings.
  • PRD occurs from planting perennial crops into soils where a complex of nematodes and soil-borne diseases are present.
  • Orchards suffering from PRD show poor, non-uniform growth and low vigor, often for the entire life of the crop. As root and vegetative growth suffers, so do yields.
  • Soil fumigation promotes healthy soil and leads to a flourishing root system which enhances trunk, shoot, and canopy growth.
  • Studies repeatedly show that fumigated soils produce healthier roots that allow trees to establish themselves faster and more uniformly.

Graph: TriCal Almond Replant Trial (Modesto, Ca)  — Tree Growth Through The Seasons
Graph: TriCal Almond Replant Trial (Modesto, Ca)
— Tree Growth Through The Seasons
Ring Nematode
Ring Nematode

TriCal and TriCal Diagnostics help growers with integrated pest management decisions by helping to diagnose and manage plant/nematode issues. The TriCal Research & Development team conducts critical multi-year field trial research to investigate nematicidal efficacy of the fumigants TriClor and Telone II. We are also evaluating integrated nematode management programs for growers that could include fumigation + post treatment nematicides. Longer-term nematode suppression is the ultimate goal.

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