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We would like to thank the Almond Board of California once again for hosting the 51st Annual Almond Conference and for allowing us to represent our company, share our knowledge and connect with others in the industry. The conference was an excellent opportunity to further support the Almond Industry beyond sponsorship and field trial research that TriCal Group does by showcasing the diversity in services and products that we offer through our family of companies (TriCal Diagnostics, TriCal Inc., Landmark Irrigation, and Cardinal Professional Products). Our goal is to help ensure sustainable agricultural practices, increasing return on investment through better yields, and harvest protection for growers.

We really stepped up our game with a new and improved interactive booth, featuring all four of our companies and what we can offer to those in the industry. Not only did we provide visual and hands on experiences for potential customers, each of our four companies was represented by an industry professional to address customers questions. This kind of personal interaction helps us build relationships, trust and security in the products and services that we can offer our customers.

  • TriCal Diagnostics offers premier pre-plant diagnosing of plant diseases through plant and soil testing, a valuable tool in an industry where preparation and planning are so important to achieving a high and healthy yield.
  • TriCal Inc. brings the latest innovation and technology in soil fumigants and their application in the field.
  • Landmark Irrigation supplies high quality irrigation equipment, consultations, installation and support.
  • Cardinal Professional Products provides peace of mind handling pest control with high quality and environmentally safe products.

With all four of these companies under one umbrella, we want our customers to feel supported with innovative full-circle solutions.

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In case you missed our booth, below are some highlights.

We look forward to the 52nd Almond Conference in Sacramento, CA and seeing what new advancements and partnerships develop. We hope to see you there!

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